MacOS Big Sur Upgrade Turns Some Older MacBook Pros into Bricks

Significant, by data MacRumors, the number of owners of Apple MacBook Pro 2013 and 2014 laptops faced a serious problem after updating the operating system to the Big Sur version. After installing the update, computers get stuck on a black boot screen, preventing the system from progressing further.

Users on the MacRumors forums, reddit and Apple technical support write that it is impossible to solve the problem using any of the available methods (reset, go to safe mode, restore the system over the network, and so on).

Mostly 13-inch MacBook Pros of the second half of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 are “turned off”. Apparently, Apple is already aware of the problem. As one of the laptop owners said, the service helped him by removing one of the HDMI components, but this does not look like an elegant solution.

So the owners of the mentioned laptops should probably postpone the transition to macOS Big Sur.

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