Crew Dragon with four astronauts went to the ISS

SpaceX successfully launched the Crew Dragon with four astronauts on board. They went to the ISS from the NASA cosmodrome in Florida. The flight involves three American astronauts – Mike Hopkins, Victor Glover and Shannon Walker, as well as one Japanese – Soichi Noguchi, who represents the Japanese aerospace agency JAXA.

The spacecraft has already reached orbit, where it will stay for less than a day, after which it will dock with the International Space Station. Crew Dragon will carry out the process automatically without human intervention. The Falcon 9 stage after acceleration made a successful landing on the Just Read the Instructions drone platform in the Atlantic Ocean.

This is the second SpaceX flight with astronauts on board, but the first as part of a full-fledged mission. Since the space shuttle, Crew Dragon has become the first NASA certified human transport vehicle and the first commercial vehicle to perform such tasks.

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