On Friday, the 13th, we are discussing the series “The Ghosts of Bly Manor”. Is it worth watching?

On the waves of your podcast receivers – the twenty-third issue of the podcast “The Wire”. Having missed Halloween, but at least on Friday the 13th, we are discussing the series “Ghosts of Bly Manor”, which promised to become the main horror series of the year. After all, this is the formal sequel to Haunting Hill House – perhaps the best thing that has happened to the horror genre on streaming. But the second time did not grow together – we figure out why.

About the series

2007, Los Angeles. At the pre-wedding banquet, the guest tells a long story to those gathered around the cozy fireplace. In 1987 in London, American Dani Clayton is looking for a job. She takes a job as a nanny for two orphans – eight-year-old Flora and ten-year-old Miles, who live with a servant in the posh Bly estate. Their uncle is busy with business in London, their parents died, and the previous nanny died quite recently, but the children do not seem to be too worried about this. On the very first evening, little Flora asks Dani not to leave the room at night, and Miles shows the manners of an adult man.

  • Netflix wanted to make Ghosts its American Horror Story. The service releases the series as an anthology, but tries to promote the new season as a separate series. To be honest, we are a little confused.
  • Discussing horror on TV shows. How do they catch on in full-length films and why do classic horror schemes do not work well in multi-part format?
  • “The Ghosts of Bly Manor” tells too much instead of frightening with mysticism and understatement. The series turns into “soap”, only they fall in love, part and converge there not people, but ghosts.
  • Instead of wasting time on the second season of Ghosts, it’s better to watch more successful horror films by its creator Mike Flanagan – for example, “Silence” and “The Oculus.”
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