In the United States, 150,526 cases of COVID-19 were detected per day. This is a record

Last Thursday, according to statistics from The COVID Tracking Project, 150,526 cases of coronavirus were registered in the United States. This is a new daily record transfers resource ScienceAlert. 1104 deaths from coronavirus were recorded.

Of the 150.5 thousand cases identified yesterday, 67 thousand people required hospitalization. In total, one and a half million tests for COVID-19 were carried out per day.

Coronavirus statistics in the United States continue to deteriorate. Compared to last week, the number of cases increased by 41%, and more tests were carried out by 13%.

The death toll for the entire time is 234 thousand – according to the estimates of the American Center for Disease Control and Prevention, by December 5 the figure could rise to 282 thousand. The total number of detected cases in the United States so far exceeds 10.8 million cases.

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