By the end of the year, the United States may register a million cases of COVID-19 per day

British consulting agency Pantheon Macroeconomics expects that by the end of this year, the daily increase in detected cases of COVID-19 will amount to one million people. Details reports resource ScienceAlert.

True, for such a gloomy prognosis, one condition must be met: 34% weekly increase in detected patients. This is exactly the kind of growth that continues in the United States now. Other research organizations also have pessimism, but they give out figures that are not so dramatic.

For example, at the University of the Washington Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation by December 31, 306 thousand cases per day are assumed. Moreover, this is the total number of cases, and not cases identified through testing. If the restrictive measures do not change, by January 23, the figure will be 793 thousand cases.

There are now 10.7 million coronavirus cases in the US and 247,000 deaths. The country moved from nine to ten million cases in just ten days, that is, about one hundred thousand new infections are registered per day.

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