Her name is Ekaterina, she works as a tester. Typical traits of women from IT are named

Based on the survey, which involved 455 girls from more than 170 Russian and international IT companies, it was possible to create an average portrait of a woman employed in the technology sector. The survey was conducted by CROC and the Women In Tech movement.

It turned out that the “average IT woman” is called Ekaterina, she works as a test engineer and received a higher technical education, transfers Ferra.ru. More often women choose a profession in IT because of the promising sphere and high wages (38%). In addition, the majority of those surveyed believe that university studies have made the greatest contribution to their professional development.

Quite often (in 56%) the respondents were faced with the prejudice that “technology is not for girls.” Less than half – 40% – talked about possible discrimination on the basis of gender: when a man was given preference when hiring.

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