Breakdown: What To Do?

Oddly enough, but it is apathy and unwillingness to do anything that should be the impetus for active actions to restore the body’s strength. First of all, the main causes of this painful condition should be determined: lack of fresh air, lack of sun and light, inadequate rest and sleep, unbalanced diet, a sedentary lifestyle. Add to this the influence of the season: as a rule, complaints about the lack of energy noticeably increase in the off-season.

The next step is to outline the ways of removing the body from the energy crisis. Daily walks in the fresh air, light therapy sessions (moderate sun exposure or the use of artificial light sources), eating citrus fruits, freshly squeezed juices, herbal tea, black bread, honey, fresh herbs, fatty fish and lean meat, sprouted grains will be of great benefit wheat. Also shown is the intake of a spoonful per day of vegetable oils – olive, linseed, almond.

Particular attention must be paid to physical activity. It is recommended to start the morning with daily stretching exercises and a contrast shower. During the day, breathing exercises are shown, a visit to the pool. These measures will help to quickly restore energy balance and restore interest in life.

It is also necessary to mention the emergency receptions. In case of severe discomfort, it is recommended to apply a couple of drops of mint, rosemary or geranium oil to a handkerchief and deeply inhale the healing aroma for some time, as well as take a refreshing bath.

It should be added that chronic weakness can be a harbinger of serious illness. Therefore, in the case of a prolonged state of fatigue that occurs for no apparent reason, you should seek the advice of a doctor.

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