5 Common Patient Mistakes That Prevent Diagnosis

Do you have suspicious ailments that may turn out to be symptoms of dangerous gynecological diseases, so you decided to undergo diagnostics, take a smear for flora, general urine and blood tests, undergo an ultrasound of the pelvic organs? Then you need to adhere to strict rules when preparing. Ignoring them can lead to inaccurate diagnosis and incorrect treatment in the future.

Taking medications
If the gynecologist asked the patient to take urine and blood tests, it is necessary to cancel the intake of medications and vitamin complexes for a while. This also includes hormones and COCs, since sometimes they can also affect the composition of blood and urine. Tell your doctor that you are already taking medication. Then you will probably be asked to get tested later.

Sex on the eve of examinations
Before taking a gynecological smear and some other types of examinations, before tests to detect infection, you must refrain from intercourse for at least 2-3 days.

Consuming diuretic products
Diuretic drinks, food and medications lead to the leaching of many active substances from the body, which can affect the results of some tests. Try to stick to a special diet before examinations. Otherwise, you will not be able to identify the disease.

Using vaginal suppositories and ointments
If you plan to conduct a gynecological examination, take a smear for analysis, PCR diagnostics, in no case should you use vaginal suppositories, gels, ointments, lubricants, as they can mislead experts. The components of their composition can affect the acidic environment of the mucous membrane and temporarily “change” the composition of its microflora, which, after diagnosis, can cause incorrect results.

Excessive sterility
Gynecologists do not recommend washing too much before taking tests to study the microflora of the vagina, since laboratory specialists need to assess the real composition of the microflora in its normal state. Soap or an intimate hygiene gel partially flushes out those components that are needed for a reliable diagnosis.

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