There is Might in You

Judges 6:14

 And the Lord looked upon him, and said, Go in this thy might, and thou shalt save Israel from the hand of the Midianites: have not I sent thee?

Gideon had a might he was not aware of. It took God to send an angel that unveil it to him

He was a deliverer yet he was hiding and running from those he had capacity to crush

He was the last born from the least clan in the tribes of Israel yet he was the one chosen by God to lead the whole tribes to victory

Now listen:

You may be the last born in the family, you have a MIGHT in you

You may be the one everyone looks down on, you have a MIGHT in you

You may be the only one that lacks formal education in that area, you have a MIGHT in you

You may be the only one from a poor family in that environment, you have a MIGHT in you

You may be the one termed as failure or never do well, you have a MIGHT in you

You may be termed barren/impotent or a witch that eats her children via miscarriage, you have a MIGHT in you

You may have been so mocked and have become a concern or prayer point on the issue of a life partner due to delay, you have a MIGHT in you

You may have had a broken home, marriage or born out of wedlock, you have a MIGHT in you

You have dropped out of school due to financial issue, you have a MIGHT in you

You may have been regarded as a disadvantaged person, you have a MIGHT in you

Jesus was born in a manger among goats or sheep

It did not change the fact that He had the “MESSIAH MIGHT” in Him

Just take a second now and imagine Mary the mother of Jesus pushing Him out during labor and beside her is a goat pushing out her own child, Very funny right?

Your disadvantage is your advantage before God because His strength is made perfect in your weakness and He uses the weak things to humble the wise

God does not need the strong in themselves but the weak who recognizes their weakness but decide to trust and hold on Him tightly as they rise up to pursue destiny

It was the same Nazareth that was termed as nobodies that the messiah came out from


There is a might in you

There is greatness in you

There is a global dream in you

There is giant in you

Look beyond now

In this kingdom it is as far as your eyes can see

Rise up like Gideon and go in this thy might by the Spirit of God

Remember Jesus is all you need now to position yourself for greatness. 

Accept him as savior and Lord or call and I will help lead you to Him now

Ask him to forgive you, wash you with his spotless blood and come in to your heart

I pray for all now to receive grace to wake up and go up now!

You are the one we have been waiting for to bring help from above!

May God help us all to make a real mark in this last generation for His kingdom


Makes you feel better

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