Sewing Curtains To Order

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of curtains for indoor decoration. To be convinced of this, it is enough to simply compare the perception of a room in which the windows remain uncurtained and of the same room with curtains. Contact the specialists for help on the website You can find more detailed information on tailoring curtains to order by following the link

Correct selection of curtains

The correct selection of curtains allows you to either maintain the overall color scheme of the interior, or create a bright color spot. Thus, you can adjust the proportions of the room, enhance the focus on a certain area of ​​the room. In addition, curtains can be a kind of bridge or connecting link, allowing you to achieve a single style solution in the design of the room.

Today on sale a huge number of curtain fabrics that satisfy any most demanding taste. Often, buyers are offered ready-made curtains, appropriately processed and decorated.

The client faces a problem: to order sewing curtains or buy ready-made ones.

For all its seductiveness, the second option, while saving time and, as a rule, money (a finished product is usually cheaper than a custom-made one), still conceals several pitfalls.

Ready-made curtains have standard sizes, and, therefore, will require adjustment to a specific window. In addition, the specified design will not allow any changes to the product design.

Sewing curtains to order allows you to realize the following advantages:

The owner of the apartment receives an exclusive option that meets his own ideas about the design of the home.

In the chosen solution, it is possible to combine the requirements for the quality of the fabric, the color scheme, the design of the curtains and the use of decorative elements.

The product is made in strict accordance with the size of the window opening and does not require any adjustment during use.

In order to maintain the unity of the style solution, the client has the opportunity to additionally order napkins, tablecloths, furniture covers, bedspreads from companion fabrics or similar ones used in sewing curtains. Thus, the customer becomes the owner of a unique set of home textiles that create a unique atmosphere in the room.

When tailoring curtains to order, additional decorative elements and cut details are used, which make the product unique:

  • lambrequins
  • cascades;
  • jabots;
  • swagi;
  • eyelets.

Do not be afraid of a significant loss of time when ordering sewing curtains. As a rule, ordering is done after a preliminary and, most often, free departure of the designer. Having familiarized himself with the client’s wishes regarding the color, design, fabric and financial support of the sewing procedure, the designer offers several possible sketches and after specifying the details, work begins on the execution of the order.

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