Pregnancy Pillows: Are They Worth Your Attention?

Pregnancy pillows: are they worth your attention?

Maternity pillows are now at their peak. They are full of different colors, shapes, fillers, types of fabric. A choice for every taste. But what caused such attention to a seemingly simple accessory? Let’s figure it out.

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Why there is a need for pillows for pregnant women

The body changes a lot during pregnancy. The load on the spine and internal organs significantly increases, the center of gravity shifts, which causes pain in the lower back and legs. The amount of circulating fluid in the body also increases, which, in combination with squeezed vessels, provokes edema. What can we say about the state of the digestive system and the pressure on the bladder. Add to this anxiety, worries, changes in lifestyle and habits and we get a bad dream that does not bring the desired rest.

Even if the pregnancy is proceeding well and has almost no effect on well-being, changes in body parameters and inhibitions on certain postures (you cannot sleep on your back and stomach) make it very difficult to find a comfortable sleeping position. Many people intuitively try to put pillows under the stomach, back and legs. Doctors recommend the same. But why build wobbly, multi-piece structures if there is a special device?

Properties of maternity pillows

Pregnancy pillows are designed in such a way as to help maximally comfortably and, most importantly, physiologically correctly position the body for rest or sleep. Good quality pillows provide:

  • the optimal amount of a soft and healthy filler that does not get lost and quickly restores the shape of the pillow after creasing;
  • naturalness of the material of the cover and pillowcase, pleasant and safe for the skin;
  • impeccable quality of seams that do not creep or chafe;
  • ease of use, hygiene and durability.

Benefits of pregnancy pillows:

  • allow you to significantly reduce, and sometimes completely avoid pain in the back, legs, neck and abdomen;
  • reduce the load on internal organs;
  • prevent the formation of edema and are the prevention of varicose veins;
  • help you easily find a comfortable position that is safe for both the expectant mother and the baby;
  • support the back and abdomen well;
  • their comfort reduces psycho-emotional stress;
  • provide improved sleep quality.

Pregnancy pillows are also useful after childbirth, as some models can be used for seating during the recovery period after episiotomy or tears. They are convenient for breastfeeding, when you have to be in the same position for a long time. Also useful for anyone with back problems or varicose veins. They easily act as a protective barrier for the baby during games, and can also be an excellent accessory for a photo shoot.

Still in doubt about their benefits? Then try it yourself and see that your sleep will be much better with them!

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