Life Hacks For Parties In Small Spaces

There are many ways to make the most of a small space. We used our experience to share our tips on how to make the most of your party space , regardless of size:

Less furniture is better with less space, but remember that people still need to put drinks or empty dishes somewhere. There are several ways to get what you want while paying attention to the space, and this can be done by using tall tables without chairs and creating small seating areas for atmosphere in the corners of the room.

Placing food and drinks on trays is an interactive serving method that allows people to interact and communicate without interruption. We always recommend that the food on the trays has their stickers so that guests can easily see what food they can eat if needed, especially in noisy environments where the service staff may be difficult to hear.

If your event is taking place during the colder months and you know your guests will have coats, bags and maybe even laptops and suitcases, make sure you have a wardrobe to store your belongings outside the main event space. Most establishments will offer this, but if you don’t have your own, see if there is a place you can cordon off with screens and clothes hangers.

Perhaps you only have one space, but you need to create two images for the event, fear not, you do not need two rooms. This can save your budget, and with our tricks it means your event space can have two themes. We recommend changing the seating arrangement, any table decoration (for example, adding tea lights), stage positioning and creating a new mood with ambient lighting. When guests enter, they immediately feel a new involvement in a space with a different theme.

Try to create a different look to make your event look unique, whether it’s decor, entertainment, lighting, all of which will help you re-invent the usual event space.

Keep it light; everyone knows that a room in lighter colors seems larger than in a darker one. Not only will this make it look like you are in a large room, but it will help any decor you use stand out more. Using mirrors and good lighting will also create the illusion of space.

Think of fun and functional directional signage, lighting on walls and ceilings, turn on lights where possible, and use the space to your advantage. Instead of taking up floor space, take advantage of room ceilings and walls, using overhangs to add vibrant colors or personality to your event to truly highlight your event.

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