How To Overcome A Crisis In Family Relationships?

Each person has their own ideas about the family, formed in childhood. By creating a family, spouses try to contribute to the new unit of society, which often leads to quarrels and problems in the marriage. It will take a long time before the newlyweds learn to find compromises. Unfortunately, sometimes they do not want to understand and accept each other, then a crisis sets in in their relationship.

Stages of the crisis of family relations

When a man and a woman get married, they begin to live together. The so-called test of everyday life begins, when spouses distribute responsibilities, recognize each other in everyday life, try to improve relations with parents, etc. Newlyweds after a year of family relationships are faced with the crisis of the first year. According to statistics, most couples break up and get divorced at this stage of the relationship.
The second crisis of family relations comes with the appearance of the first child. Often, many young fathers can not stand it and leave the family. As a rule, this is due to the fact that a great responsibility is assigned to a man, because now he is not only a husband, but also a father and the main breadwinner of the family.
The third crisis comes after seven years of marriage. Monotony and routine make spouses sad and frustrated. When comparing their pre-marriage visions of their future with reality, they are often unhappy, believing that because of their life partner they missed many opportunities and did not achieve what they wanted.
The fourth crisis is called the “empty nest crisis.” It occurs when children grow up and have their own families.

Is there a way out of the crisis?

There is always a way out of any crisis. If the spouses want to save the family, then they must be ready to go through all the difficulties together. A successful exit from the crisis means a transition to a new stage in the development of relations.
It often happens that one spouse wants to save the marriage, while the other insists on a divorce. In this case, you can agree on a break in the relationship. Sometimes a couple needs to part ways for a while, rest and think things over. You can also try to refresh feelings, diversify relationships.
One of the most effective ways to overcome the crisis is a course of therapy in which a Kiev family psychologist will help you , who will listen carefully to each side, explain what the problem is between them and suggest a solution to this problem.

Psychologists give several important tips that will help to survive the crisis:
• you need to talk about the problems and difficulties that have arisen;
• it is impossible to accumulate resentment and negative emotions;
• it is important to always find time for joint leisure;
• maintain romance in a relationship;
• monitor your appearance, speech, develop spiritually;
• if the situation seems hopeless, you need to see a psychologist.

There is no need to be afraid of a crisis. It is important to understand that a crisis is an inevitable phenomenon that cannot be avoided. Some couples go through the crisis easily without even noticing it. Others file for divorce after facing the first difficulty in family life. To prevent the crisis from aggravating and destroying the relationship, you need to be able to listen to your spouse. All problems must be solved together, this is the only way to successfully overcome the crisis.

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