How To Choose Shapewear

Corrective lingerie is intended not only for overweight, it can also be used by women with a normal physique. With its help, it is easy to correct imperfections and bring shapes closer to ideal ones, for example, to thin the waist, tighten the buttocks or give volume to the chest. After the adjustment, you can wear tight-fitting dresses even from thin fabrics, tight jeans and seductive blouses. But to achieve the desired effect, you need to choose the right underwear. To do this, it is advisable to understand its types and models.

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Types of figure-
correcting underwear Conventionally, all corrective underwear can be divided into 2 types – slimming and modeling. The main purpose of the modeling one is to eliminate imperfections by adding volume. This type of underwear includes bras with “push up” effect. It can be special panties or shorts with overlays on the buttocks, giving them a more convex and rounded shape.

Corrective shaping underwear is designed to reduce volumes and give the body proportional shapes. Such products are made from elastic materials with a special weave of threads. Thanks to their unique cut, they fix and evenly distribute fatty deposits.

Shaping underwear differs in the degree of correction:

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Light or weak is used to slightly emphasize the figure. With this underwear, you can smooth out bumps, for example, tighten the stomach and buttocks. A similar effect is given by dense synthetic tights.
Medium combines materials with different densities, this allows you to correct the relief of the body.
Strong is suitable for women with figure problems. Such underwear is dense and tough, therefore it gives a strong slimming effect.
Models of underwear intended for body shaping
There are many models of shapewear – panties, shorts, slips and corsets. The choice of a particular model should depend on which area you need to fix.

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Lingerie, correcting breasts
Such models have two purposes: enlargement of small breasts and giving a beautiful shape to large breasts. Anyone who needs to make a bigger bust should choose underwear with “push up”. In this case, the bra must exactly match the size of the breast, and its cups must have a natural shape.

Corrective underwear for women with large breasts should have wide comfortable straps and at least three rows of fasteners. Its cups should be made of dense and elastic material. The chest should fit completely without falling out or bulging.

Lingerie that corrects the waist area A
corset is an ideal option. Body and grace can give a good effect. Modern corset belts and other similar models can not only reduce the waist by a few centimeters, but also raise the chest and hide the belly. When choosing corrective underwear for the waist, the main thing is not to overdo it, since a tight product can damage internal organs and the spine, especially if you wear it constantly.

Lingerie, correcting the buttocks and hips
Flat and small buttocks will help to give roundness panties or shorts with “push up”. They work on the principle of similar bras. If you need to reduce the volume, then you can choose shorts or pantaloons. They have a high waist, so abdominal correction will be a pleasant bonus.

Lingerie, correcting the belly area
Shapewear for the abdomen will help to hide bulges and sagging skin. There are belts or bandages to achieve this effect. Corrective panties or high-waisted shorts can cope with a bulging or sagging belly. Their upper part is made of dense and rigid material, they can be equipped with inserts. Choose such underwear carefully, because if you make a mistake with the size, then it will roll or gather in folds. It is worth picking up a semi-corset for it, which will correct the upper abdomen, which will make the figure perfect. To eliminate bulges, you can do only with synthetic tights with a wide belt and a dense top.

Lingerie that corrects the entire silhouette
If you have more than one problem area, lingerie that allows you to correct the entire silhouette is an excellent solution. These are corrective combinations, graces, singlets and dresses. They improve the shape of your breasts, abdomen, waist, buttocks and hips.

Features of the choice of corrective underwear
It is better to purchase seamless corrective underwear – such products do not stand out under the clothes, therefore they will not be noticeable even under a tight-fitting dress.
Try to choose models with inserts made from natural materials.
Buy underwear for specific clothes to match the color and style of the outfit. It’s good if you manage to try it on for the right thing before buying.
Choose the correct size of the shapewear. It should not squeeze you too much, making it difficult to breathe, or hanging out on your body. You should be comfortable in it. When moving, the laundry should stay in place and not bulge or curl.

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