Fashion Looks With A Printed T-Shirt

To all girls who have already bought a women’s T-shirt for the new season, we suggest joining the ranks of admirers of the normcore, which sets the direction for the comfort and versatility of clothing. However, a suitable T-shirt will help to form more sophisticated women’s bows in casual style, smart-casual and even glamor.

Musical print T-shirt looks

Such bows have become a real trend among celebrities: the names of the legendary AC / DC, Iron Maiden, Queen flaunt on the chest of Kendall Jenner, Helena Bordon, Gigi Hadid. Bottom options are skinny jeans, leggings, or short shorts. Simple and unassuming, just the way you need it for your daily activities.

For admirers of romance

If you put femininity and lightness at the fore when creating an outfit, be sure to get summer T-shirts with:

  • floristic pattern – give preference to a small pattern;
  • plant print – the leaves of tropical plants beat all popularity records;
  • the logo of your favorite brand – this season is deliberately large and preferably contrasting;
  • inscriptions about love – it can be written in any language of the world.

A long pleated skirt will fit perfectly into a set with similar models. A photo in the gloss of Giovanna Battaglia, Cara Delevingne, Victoria Beckham, who are the headliners of fashion in this direction, will help you get inspired by another stylish idea.

Casual bet

Fashionable women’s T-shirts seem to be created for a simple but very profitable tandem with mom jeans. High waist, freedom in the hip line, cropped legs that reveal graceful ankles and a white oversized printed T-shirt – these are almost ideal things for every day. The choice of patterns that can decorate a T-shirt depends solely on your preferences. Models with:

  • small print;
  • animal print;
  • cartoon characters;
  • large single flowers.

In the cool season, along with a similar set, you can wear a voluminous jacket, leather jacket, cardigan.

Evening out

Without thinking twice, trendsetters were able to make T-shirts, T-shirts and tops an element of evening style. To do this, it was just necessary to add to the image the primordial evening wardrobe items and catchy accessories. This summer, feel free to combine a T-shirt with an elegant skirt made of sparkling fabric, high-heeled shoes. Choice of jewelry – large hoop earrings, necklaces and metal brooches.

Going to the office

Of course, if your company keeps a strict dress code, then you can forget about going to work in a T-shirt. But, if the requirements for the clothes of employees are semi-formal, combining your favorite model with classic trousers or a skirt in neutral calm shades and classic shoes, you can create quite a working and comfortable outfit for yourself.

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