How To Choose A Swimsuit For A Full Girl?

How should a beautiful swimsuit look like on the website  for a full figure? In order not to be ashamed to flaunt it even on the beach of a popular seaside resort. But it is one thing to carelessly enjoy the sound of the foamy surf and contemplate the tireless seagulls, and quite another thing to constantly experience complexes because you are not as slim as you would like.

For objectivity’s sake, let’s say that the fashion models who look so impressive in the light of the spotlights on the catwalk will look just thin on the beach. And they will still envy you. Yes, to you, so sultry and beautiful. But only on one condition: you must choose the right swimsuit.

Show off your dignity with a swimsuit

Firstly, your figure has not only disadvantages, but also advantages. Even if they are lush, but still in shape. And we must put them in a favorable light. The swimsuit should be closed and made of dense fabric. Such fabric well hides the presence of the tightening inserts, which are usually found on the hips and waist. The bust must be supported by cups or bones, then it will not look shapeless.

If you find that your tummy can be shown to the sun, and at the same time to all vacationers, then you can opt for an open or separate swimsuit model. The rules are the same. Swimming trunks should be tight, and it is better if they are constructed with shorts. But thongs are definitely not your option. And not every thin woman decides to appear in such a swimsuit, even if she is ready to wear only thongs as underwear for her beloved husband. And even too open swimming trunks are not suitable for a full girl. The same goes for bikinis. A line of low-slung swimming trunks will horizontally cross out almost the widest part of the figure, which means it will further expand visually.

The lower part of the swimsuit with the “taken out” hips is also not the best option. Of course, this cut visually increases the length of the legs. But after all, full legs can be long, then why do you need an additional imbalance? But not very beautiful hips will be for show. It is better to use a swimsuit with a skirt that covers part of the thighs. A pareo will look beneficial, the main thing is to drape it so that there are more vertical or diagonal lines, because both contribute to the lengthening of the silhouette.

And the last thing that is not recommended is narrow shoulder straps. They will cut too hard into the body, which again indicates your fullness.

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