Difficult Choice – Jewelry Or Jewelry?

A true precious jewelry decoration is always fashionable, respectable and expensive. Alternatively, it is unlikely that the girl will be happy with the presented wedding ring made of copper or plastic. Sets of precious stones are perfect for receptions and social events. Ordinary decor can be worn to work and just for every day. Expensive things made of silver and gold are in the first place in the list of the most essential jewelry.

Platinum jewelry, jewelry sets made of precious stones or natural pearls are also in great demand. Unfortunately, the only but not insignificant disadvantage of these jewelry is their not a penny cost.

Jewelry also has its fans. Its main advantage is the abundance of form and material from which it can be made. Gone are the days when the Bijbox “7-km” Odessa bijouterie  evoked the association of a cheap trick, today absolutely magical exclusive items are on sale. We advise you to find an online jewelry store suitable for your income.

There are several types of jewelry: avant-garde, ethnic and traditional. The traditional one is a copy of natural jewelry, and the more accurate it is, the better, of course. For a more accurate resemblance to jewelry, electroplating is used – the coating of non-precious metal with precious metal – silver or gold with the addition of classic inserts: Murano glass, Swarovski crystals, artificial pearls.

Avant-garde jewelry is a work of authorship that deserves special attention. In the production of these jewelry, the artist uses different types of materials: from leather, plastic, wood, ribbons, sequins to semi-precious stones.

Ethnicity has long and probably forever struck the hearts of modern women of fashion. This style combines everything that seems distant and mysterious to a European: Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Indian and African motives.

Materials of various kinds are used in the manufacture: wood, coconut shells, mother of pearl, beads, shells, semi-precious stones, seeds of tropical plants. There is no need to necessarily choose between jewelry and jewelry, just learn how to wear all this decor as tastefully as possible. The place where you go and the style of dress are of the utmost importance.

Diamonds and gold jewelry will look defiant and very stupid in combination with shorts or a sundress on the beach, and sequins and plastic are out of place at a business reception or in a theater. Going to a social event, choose a set with precious stones for an evening dress or an extraordinary chain with an even more surprising weaving.

For everyday life, while working in your office, choose a strict, laconic, but decent-looking precious metal decor. Going to a friendly party or clubbing, you can choose jewelry from cheerful jewelry or leather decor. Apply these simple rules and you won’t have to struggle when choosing between precious jewelry and costume jewelry.

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