Winter Wardrobe: Options For Winter Outerwear

Winters in our regions are different – either severe frosts or “European” warmth. That is why you need to be ready for any weather and have a base in your wardrobe for all occasions.

How not to freeze during cold weather and look stylish – we will tell you in the article.

Percentage of time

In order to understand what elements of a winter wardrobe to acquire, it is worth understanding how much time you spend on the street on average. An office worker who is indoors almost all day, and only comes out in the fresh air on the way home from work, needs a much less warm version of outerwear than a young mother who goes for a walk and cuts through the streets with a stroller for 5 hours a day … Therefore, first you need to calculate what the percentage of “room-street” specifically for you. It is clear that in the first case, you can do with a warm woolen coat, and in the second, without a warm, warm down jacket anywhere.

Winter jacket

Now in stores you can find down jackets of completely different styles and colors. There is “the one” for every taste. This wardrobe item will suit anyone. You should not buy a black, gray or white down jacket – be shocking and buy a bright and juicy jacket that will fill the gray winter with colors. And if you do not want to experiment with the color of the down jacket, we recommend getting colorful accessories.

Natural or artificial fur coat

You want to look stylish, but at the same time not freeze and be in complete warmth. Then the ateba definitely needs to buy a natural fur coat . She will not only warm you even in the most severe frosts, but also give your image a certain gloss. If you are not an adherent of natural fur, pay attention to artificial products. Moreover, now they are at least a dime a dozen.

Whichever option you choose, the model should be relevant and modern (long flared fur coats with a huge collar have long sunk into oblivion)

Winter coat for women

If you still think that you can’t look stylish in winter, then you are mistaken. A warmed winter coat (which must include wool, cashmere, alpaca or mohair) will give you a unique bow and WARM, because now almost all high-quality winter coats have an insulated lining.

Tip: if you bought warm enough outerwear, but you still feel cold every day, we recommend that you remember about layering. Putting on a T-shirt under a sweater is not so difficult, but it is much warmer.

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