The Trendy Pants You Need To Buy This Summer

Joggers were originally created exclusively as an element of sportswear for jogging. This is not surprising, because trousers of this type are fixed with an elastic band and have a free silhouette.

A feature of this model is that the trousers sit loosely on the figure in the hips, smoothly taper and the bottom of the trousers are fixed with an elastic band. There are many variations of joggers, they can have either a pronounced elastic band at the bottom of the leg, or barely noticeable.
The choice of such trousers should be approached with extreme caution. Ideally, this model will suit the owners of the inverted triangle figure, because it will balance the silhouette. Those with wide hips should pay attention to the fit in this area, and not allow too loose fit. It is best to choose models with stripes or any other vertical print – they will visually stretch the leg. And the owners of the “pear” figure should better refuse such trousers, because in this case they will only emphasize the fullness of the hips.
Chino trousers
Chino pants are a fairly versatile model. These trousers are suitable for both the office and the party. This cut has a loose fit and tapers towards the bottom. Trousers in this case should sit loosely, but not too much. Chinos are ideal for summer because they do not constrain movement and allow the skin to breathe. Pants of this type are suitable for many types of figures, because they have a looser silhouette than jeans.
Trousers The women trousers that were popular in the 50s and 60s again became the inspiration for the spring-summer 2018 season. The palazzo are trousers with wide legs, only the waistline changes in this model. The lightweight, flowing fabrics used for the palazzo are perfect for summer. Any girl of various shapes can make a fashionable look with such trousers.
It is important to pay attention to the fact that if you have an “apple” shape and your extra pounds are concentrated in the abdomen, then it is better to refuse such trousers. Pants with a low waist are suitable for overweight women. So it is better for girls with a pear figure to choose trousers with a low fit and not too wide cut, in this case the top should be free. Tall women can afford to wear low-speed shoes with such trousers, but short girls should choose shoes with platform or heels.
Particular attention in the spring-summer 2018 season is paid to the length of the trousers. They can reach the floor, or be 7/8 in length. Cropped trousers with a length just above the bone are especially popular. 7/8 trousers look especially advantageous with heels. But this model is quite versatile, because it can be worn both with a sweatshirt and with a shirt.
Trousers with arrows
Classic trousers with arrows never lose their relevance. The arrows on the trousers make the leg visually narrower and stretch it. It is important that all trousers this season will stand out with their free silhouette, which makes them indispensable for summer and spring. Pants with arrows will look good on any body type. The article was prepared by our partners:

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