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Needless to say, how important good and elegant shoes are to complete a particular look.

Winter shoes play a special role. Thanks to her, our feet remain warm and comfortable. Moreover, in order to preserve these qualities, it must be of high quality and correct.

Main fashion trends:

– White shoes. For many, this color is not practical, but designers continue to create such shoes;

– Metallic shine of patent leather shoes is popular with women, not the first season. When creating such models, sequins, sequins, etc can be used;

– Fringe in shoe design. Initially, such a detail was used to create a cowboy style, but today, it is used in any image: from rebellious rockers to sophisticated women;

– Long boots – stockings. According to many stylists, such shoes can create an ambiguous impression about a woman. With the correct selection of wardrobe and following the rules, boots – stockings will emphasize the female figure and beauty of the legs;

– The latest squeak of fashion is shoes of very bright and flashy colors. Such colors and unusual design will help to dilute the gray and boring winter, adding a touch of positive to its owner;

– Accentuated front and back. Unlike summer options, winter shoes cannot have an open heel and toe. Therefore, the designers decided to highlight these areas with the color and texture of the fabric;

– Using lacing when creating models. Such a detail can be worn as an aesthetic one, or it can be used for its intended purpose. Thanks to the straps, you can emphasize the graceful ankle;

– Women have long wanted to  buy beige women’s shoes . Despite the brutality of the models, they are in good harmony with skirts, dresses, skinny and other wardrobe;

– To create a festive look, you can choose models in the design of which floral prints, all kinds of details and accessories were used;

Women who prefer comfort to blind fashion should take a closer look at comfortable ugg boots. With various buttons, zippers and fasteners, they fit snugly and comfortably on a woman’s leg;

– For those who prefer an active lifestyle, blowers are certainly suitable. Outwardly, they resemble down jackets. They can be of various heights. The article was prepared by our partners:

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