I Am A Donor Or Basic Rules For Donating Blood

First of all, in our country there is a certain regime for donating blood – no more than once a month. In addition, men are allowed to donate whole blood no more than five times a year, and women no more than four. Also, women are not allowed to donate blood during pregnancy or lactation, during the menstrual cycle. Watch your weight: if you weigh less than 50 kilograms, doctors will have to refuse you.

On the day of the blood supply, a light breakfast is required, but neither the day before nor on this day do not use lard, mayonnaise, sour cream, butter. Fatty foods should not be eaten because some people may have elevated levels of the enzyme alanine aminotransferase – ALT. In this case, the employees of the blood transfusion station cannot accept the donor and postpone the reception for 3 months. It is recommended to eat cereals, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish. Drink hot sweet tea with biscuits or waffles just before the blood delivery, this will ensure that you feel well after the procedure.

Do not drink alcohol or smoke within 48 hours before giving blood. People who drink regularly and frequently may still have high ALT levels, even if they have not drunk during those 48 hours, and they will either have to refuse to give blood or stop drinking a week before visiting the station. In no case should you smoke on the day of blood supply, since nicotine remains in the blood, and it can get into small children or an adult weakened body.

If you are sick and taking antibiotics. and also aspirin, inform the employees of the blood transfusion station about this, because such blood cannot be transfused – someone may be allergic to your medications. In addition, please report any illnesses you have suffered in the last six months, especially infectious ones. There is a list of diseases that don’t allow blood donation in any case. Check it with the station workers.

After giving it, it is recommended to drink sweet warm tea, sit for a while, reduce the load if you cannot leave work. It is also recommended to drink as much water or juice as possible on the following days.

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