7 Tips For Parents From A Pediatric Dentist

It is worth starting to take care of the health of children’s teeth immediately after the baby’s first milk teeth appear. Then it is advisable to start doing hygienic cleaning. But this is not all useful advice.


Follow a nutritious diet

A variety of foods are essential for dental health. It should be both soft and hard foods.

The latter helps to strengthen the gums, partially remove plaque, as well as the development of the chewing muscle group.

The baby’s diet should include vegetables, cereals, dairy products, meat, fish.

Do not neglect the treatment of milk teeth

It is a misconception that milk teeth can be left untreated. All the same, they will fall out. But neglecting this point can lead to serious problems.

Firstly, the teeth can fall out prematurely, which will affect the formation of the bite, and secondly, infection and bacteria that were not dealt with in time can infect new permanent teeth.

The objective state of the oral cavity can only be assessed by a specialist

Of course, many parents examine babies’ mouths for new teeth and problems. But even caries in the initial stages may not cause them any suspicion. But the process has already begun, and requires treatment.

Therefore, in this matter, it is better to rely on the opinion of a specialist who needs to be visited for a routine examination twice a year.

Choose the right toothpaste

Adult toothpaste is too aggressive for children. And to maintain the health of milk teeth, calcium and fluoride are needed in a certain dosage. Therefore, before you buy a paste, consult your dentist and read its composition.

Contact a pediatric dentist

Working with children is more difficult. And the processes of tooth formation and the problems associated with them are often different from those that exist in adulthood.

That is why it is so important to find a pediatric dentist who knows how to find an approach to children, and has all the necessary information and skills to help solve the problem.


Make your first visit as pleasant as possible

Make sure your child gets to know the doctor before any problem arises. Sign up for a preventive examination, during which the little patient will have the opportunity to examine the office, meet and talk with the dentist, and let him examine his oral cavity.

This approach will ensure the child’s trust and no fear of follow-up visits.

Don’t be afraid of preventive treatments

To prevent the appearance of caries and other problems in modern dentistry, there are a sufficient number of different procedures and tools. For example, varnishes containing fluoride, fissure sealing.

Do not be afraid of them if this is a doctor’s recommendation. Prevention will help to partially avoid problems with baby teeth.

Always remember that scaring a child with an evil dentist is a huge mistake. The task of the parents is to create the most comfortable conditions so that the visit to the doctor is not accompanied by fear.

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