Olivia Munn Shares 40th Birthday Bikini Video That Doesn’t End Well

Actress Olivia Munn celebrated her 40th birthday over the weekend. However, it doesn’t look like it went too well. Celebrations of any kind have been put on hold in most areas in North America due to the world’s current state of affairs, so Munn decided to do the responsible thing and go camping, away from the masses to enjoy her special day. The bikini video she posted on social media caught a lot of attention, though it wasn’t over obvious reasons.

Olivia Munn posed in a bikini with a picturesque waterfall in the background, flashing the peace sign. The X-Men: Apocalypse star posted the video on her Instagram account, thanking everyone for the birthday wishes. Everything looks great until she takes a step back and either rolls her ankle or steps on something sharp, ruining the moment. Her perfectly good bikini post turned into some comedy after we learned that she was not seriously injured. She captioned the video with, “2020 strikes again. Anyway, thanks for the birthday wishes!”

After the bikini mishap, Olivia Munn posted a few images of herself looking pretty miserable in a tent. It’s obviously very hot wherever she is camping as she is sweating. “Camping won’t be that hot they said. There’ll be so much to do they said,” she posted. Whatever the case may be, The Predator actress seems like she was able to turn the trip around by yesterday, where she admitted to having some fun, while also posting a questionable rock climbing photo, where it looks like it was taken horizontally. Munn has yet to reveal where she was camping or if the rock climbing photo is real.

Back in April, Olivia Munn helped Crazy Rich Asians star Henry Golding adopt a dog through safe social distancing protocols. Both Golding and Munn used the occasion to spread awareness about animal shelters who still need to find homes for dogs and cats during this troubling time. The two proved that one could still adopt a dog while staying safe, which hopefully helped some animals find new homes over the last few weeks. Munn is the chief strategist for on-demand pet care and dog-walking company Wag! and she used her pet expertise to connect Golding with Wag! and GreaterGood.org to get his new furry companion.

It looks like Olivia Munn will be doing something else for her 41st birthday. Maybe she’ll skip 40 and claim to be 39 until 2020 is over, which is something a lot of people are probably thinking about doing. 4th of July didn’t count, senior year of high school, Easter, Memorial Day, college graduations, birthdays, or anything else fun will just have to be taken care of next year when this all settles down. Either that or we’ll have to have double the parties to make up for it. While we wait for 2020 to go away, you can check out Olivia Munn’s Instagram bikini trouble above.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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