You need to get smarter with the mind: how to pump your brain depending on age

By the age of 25, the rapid development of the brain ceases, and after 30, a period of gradual degradation begins. But there is good news: gray matter can and should be stimulated artificially. The most common methods are reading serious literature, solving logical problems. However, such training, in fact, only slows down the aging process of the brain. In order for the brain to develop, we need more sophisticated, knowledge-based techniques.

Needs for improving certain parts of the brain change with age. For example, it is important for young specialists to maintain a concentration of attention for a long career. Later, from the age of 35, many begin to notice that the thought process is slowing down, fatigue is faster. These symptoms are quite treatable. As well as the weakening of short-term memory and clarity of thinking, which are manifested in old age.

Whatever cognitive functions you would like to develop, there are suitable exercises in the Wikium online service . This is such a gym for those who shake the most important part of the body – the head. Fitness is built on daily 15-minute approaches to simulators, which were developed with the participation of specialists in cognitive and general psychology at the Humanitarian Technologies Testing Center at Moscow State University. TRY FOR FREE

All exercises are built on dynamic game mechanics. Bright, extraordinary classes – the key to high involvement. If “Wikium” was a collection of monotonous practices, then for one and a half million users in four years I would never have collected. And so people are engaged in self-development with pleasure.

After registration, you will be asked to indicate exactly which skills you intend to improve. After this, you need to go through introductory testing, the results of which will automatically create a personal training program. For example, consider a pair of simulators adapted to the tasks of different generations.

It will be useful for young people, on whom a heap of various things fall daily , to go through all the stages of the Gemini simulator. This technique aims to work with several aspects of attention at once. Looking for two identical images, you set yourself up for a stable perception of significant information, and due to the quick change of tasks, multitasking skills are developed.

In terms of functionality, the Gemini simulator is similar to the Unicum, which is more complex. It is required to find a figure that is different from all the others. These figures are very intricate, so keeping several objects in the spotlight at the same time is not easy. In addition, due to the work of peripheral vision, the activation of visual and spatial perception occurs.

The regulars of “Wikium”, having crossed the middle age threshold , most often choose simulators oriented to stimulate the thought process. Say, “Simple switching” cause the activation of visual-figurative thinking. If you do not rush, then determine whether the number is even or the letter is a vowel, as easy as shelling pears. But with a slow pace of execution, the result will be appropriate.

In general, almost all thinking simulators require agility of thought. The “addition” and “subtraction” of figures in the exercise “Geometry” establish contact between perceptual and abstract thought processes that occur in the cerebral cortex. Associative thinking is the most important quality for representatives of creative professions.

Exercises for the development of memory are in demand among all categories of users, but are especially important for people over 55 years old . At this age, memory inevitably worsens if you do not work on it. The easy-to-find simulator “Find the Frog” allows you to maintain the energy tone of the brain and, therefore, the memory function in an active state. In addition, involuntary memorization of facts that are not in the field of attention is improved.

Moreover, Wikium has recently become the first of its kind service, where classes cover not only the visual, but also the auditory channel of perception. The Composer simulator develops the skills of assimilation of information received by ear. Users remember in which order the instruments in the melody sound, and then select them from the list in the desired order. A very fruitful exercise for those who have a lot of distractions at work .

In principle, you can use Wikium for free, but then only nine simulators will be available to you. Full functionality – about fifty exercises of varying complexity – will be at your disposal when you purchase a premium account. It also allows you to monitor progress and compare your progress with the results of other users.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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