We leave in the gap! Golden youth rushed to rest after weakening quarantine

After quarantine measures began to be gradually mitigated in the world, wealthy children hastily pack their bags and travel on private planes to warmer climes. Glamorous beauties and handsome men brag about their first travels after self-isolation on the Rich Kids Of Instagram page Watch the golden youth have fun after long days imprisoned in luxurious mansions.

If most people rush to meet friends in a cafe after weakening quarantine, then rich kids start the engines of luxury cars and private jets and go to warmer climes or to expensive shopping.

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Реклама 00Golden youth shares fresh photos and impressions of their first trips abroad after self-isolation on the Rich Kids Of Instagram page. Judging by the spectacular images, it seems that they were not at all caught in the panic and crisis during the pandemic.

Beauty Dimavika from Russia does not forget about protection even after the weakening of quarantine. She went shopping, putting on a glamorous mask encrusted with crystals.

A young businessman from Los Angeles, Alex Bostanyan, follows the rules of social distance on a date. She and her friend arranged a romantic dinner right on the hood of the luxurious Rolls-Royce.

Alena Mills from Moscow shared a cute photo with a dog during a flight on a private plane.

Iranian singer Pooyan Mokhtari can’t hide the joy of traveling on his own plane for the first time after opening the borders.

While most of us are buying things on the Internet during quarantine, a social media star from Russia named Anna has traveled more than 1,600 km from Denver to Los Angeles to go through designer boutiques.


American beauties Anna Fife and Sydney Mason wanted to spend a day on the beach in Miami and drove more than 900 km in luxury sports cars.

Daria Radionova from London celebrated her first overseas shopping since early March for a sumptuous breakfast in Chelsea.

While most of us were locked up in small apartments or modest houses during quarantine, the golden youth boasted haute couture masks and rest in luxurious mansions. Rich kids didn’t forget to share glamorous photos on the Rich Kids of Instagram page.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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