Money Tears: Who Are Ghana’s Professional Weepers

Some people find it difficult to show emotion when their loved ones die, but crying and mourning are an integral part of a funeral in Ghana. How much people cry at someone’s funeral shows how respected the deceased was in society and loved by relatives. Therefore, it is not surprising that some are willing to pay specially trained people to sob at the requiem.

Ami Dokli is the leader of a group of professional mourners in Ghana. In an interview, a woman said that some people can’t cry at the funeral of relatives, so they trust this business to professionals. Dockley and the rest of the women in her team are widows who, after the departure of their husbands, decided to work together to help people provide their loved ones with decent wires to the afterlife.

But crying over a stranger is not the easiest task, so mourners charge a fee for their services, which directly depends on the funeral budget. If the funeral is expensive, then the “tears” will cost more. The client can even choose the “style” of crying: ordinary crying, crying with a cry, very emotional crying, crying and skating on the ground.

Professional mourning is just one of the extravagant features of a funeral in Ghana. People spend no less, and more often, more money on seeing people close to another world than on weddings. One funeral organizer said that on average, funerals cost from 15 to 20 thousand dollars and the more mourners at a funeral service, the better. This event is preceded by the installation of giant posters on the streets that inform about the funeral, and the manufacture of a chic coffin.

Among other things, mourners help the deceased’s family raise more money.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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