Uber angered the public by destroying thousands of its e-bikes

Uber has decided to destroy thousands of electric bicycles after the sale of its subsidiary Jump. A video appeared on the network showing the process of recycling electric bikes. The videos provoked the outrage of the cycling community, but Uber remained adamant.

The company explained that distributing electric bicycles is not possible, since Uber fears for the safety of these popular vehicles. In addition, obsolete models fell under the recycling program, the maintenance of which would cost more than acceptable costs. Also, having given them “to the people”, the company could not have ensured the possibility of charging them: there simply are no household adapters for connecting bicycles to the network.

Hey@JUMPbyUber, why is this happening? TEN semi loads of good bikestrashed !? Let’s collaborate on a non-profit to repaint & repurpose these. Give kids transportation to their first jobs@Casey want to help? pic.twitter.com/N8Uv82tr1B

– Cris Moffitt (@CrisMoffitt) May 22, 2020

More keep rolling in and getting trashed. Probably THIRTY semi loads or more so far …#SenselessWaste #BikesForKids @UberJump pic.twitter.com/ee3NmCP7If

– Cris Moffitt (@CrisMoffitt) May 27, 2020

However, cyclist communities are unhappy: without batteries, which are removed before disposal, electric bikes turn into ordinary bicycles and may well be used on city streets.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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