Flash drives against 5G appeared – with a quantum holographic catalyst

Apparently, scammers have learned make money on opponents 5G. So, “special” USB devices appeared on sale, which supposedly are able to protect the user from the “5G influence”. Such an accessory will cost about $ 350, and the description of the technology used in it says: this is a quantum holographic nanocatalyst. For suggestible people, this phrase seems scientific and reliable.

The gadget is called 5GBioShield, it protects not only the user from 5G, but also the space around. It is funny that the recommendation for the use of the “bio-shield” was given by the current member of the Glastonbury city commission to review the impact of 5G. According to him, tests were conducted that showed the effectiveness of the device.

The problem is that 5GBioShield is actually a 128 GB flash drive and costs about $ 6 in the UK. The main difference from the cheap option is in a small sticker. Probably, it is in it that the quantum holographic catalyst from nanolayers is hidden. We can assume that the flashing LED is an emitter of protective fields, but it seems to us that it is not.

Flash drive sellers responded to a request from reporters, stating that they were only a “global and sole distributor,” not a manufacturer. But the company is confident in the serious technical base that underlies their product, although they cannot talk about it (this is a secret).

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