EMERGE will talk about the next victim of COVID-19

At an online conference EMERGE, which will begin on Monday, speakers will consider many topics on the IT industry. So, the editor-in-chief of MIT Technology Review Gideon Lichfield will give a provocative theme on the stream: “The next victim of COVID: Silicon Valley”. The fact is that discontent is growing in the region due to the excessive influence of corporations like Apple and Google.

This performance will take place as part of the Future scene. The speakers will talk about life after the pandemic and the impact of coronavirus on various industries: e-commerce, tourism, education and so on. Coursera representative Shravan Goli will reveal what challenges the company has faced – scaling in conditions of a sharp jump in demand, adaptation of products to support the global community of students.

And of course, health, including mental. The speakers will touch upon the future of digital healthcare and biomedicine, share a neuroscientific look at biohacking and meditative practices.

In addition to Future, there will be other virtual scenes on EMERGE. For example, at Build & Grow, the central theme will be the creation of a global technology product and its scaling. People from Netflix, SoundCloud, Google, Facebook, NVIDIA and other corporations will share their experience.

An EMERGE Challenge startup competition with a prize pool of 10,000 euros will also be held at EMERGE. Separately, the Angels Band network of business angels is going to invest up to 200 thousand euros in four startups. In addition, Unicorn will be launched for startups, where they will consider topics that are important for young companies: scaling, working with corporations, and survival during a pandemic. Investors are waiting for the closed Venture Night stream, which will be attended by representatives of investment funds and business angels.

In total, more than 90 speakers will speak at EMERGE, and at networking it will be possible to informally communicate with them and the audience in virtual bars or through chat roulette.

The conference will be held June 1-3.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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