Donald Trump takes anti-malarial drug for prevention of COVID-19

Donald Trump said the day before that he was taking an antimalarial drug for the prevention of COVID-19. The American president began the reception a week and a half ago, and, according to him, he has no symptoms of the disease caused by coronavirus. how notes The Verge, the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine as a defense against COVID-19 has not been proven at this time.

The American president’s use of the drug is partly due to the fact that several people in his circle were infected with a coronavirus infection.

A possible preventive effect of the drug is being considered, clinical trials on this topic are being carried out – specialists are checking the drug on doctors who are forced to constantly contact with patients with COVID-19.

It is also worth emphasizing that hydroxychloroquine has serious side effects: in particular, a medicine can have a negative effect on the cardiovascular and visual systems.

Donald Trump actively promoted this medicine almost as a panacea, his administration tried to promote the registration of the drug as an anti-COVID-19 drug for distribution outside hospitals. However, after the FDA published information about possible negative consequences, Trump slowed down.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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