82% of users tried to delete information about themselves from the Internet

According to a new poll from Kaspersky Lab, 82% of users around the world tried to delete their personal data from sites or from social networks, and 37% did not do this just because they did not know how. In addition, it turned out that almost every fourth user (24%) found on the network some information about himself or his relatives that he would not want to see in the public domain.

The main reasons why users make attempts to hide their actions in browsers, 43% attributed the desire to protect themselves from intruders, 41% – to protect against data collection by sites, and 37% protect their privacy from people who also have access to their device .

Experts recommend not sharing a lot of information, especially in open areas, suggest checking privacy settings on social networks, as well as restrict access of applications to personal information, including notebook data. In addition, software solutions exist to provide additional data security.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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