I took a loan and mortgaged the apartment. Pensioner gave Internet scammers 126 thousand rubles

The 63-year-old resident of Grodno mastered the Internet and fell into the clutches of Internet scammers. Somewhere in the vastness of the network, a woman found promises to get rich without SMS and registration. It turned out that fake brokers of the fake exchange platform are trading.

Soon the pensioner was put into circulation. At first she made her savings – soon interest and sweet profit were regularly displayed on the screen of the monitor. True, the cash did not work. Fraudsters convinced a woman to invest a little more to get much more. Somewhere ahead loomed millions, Miami and Tesla.

As a result, the pensioner took a loan, borrowed money from her daughter, and then she also mortgaged the apartment. In total, fraudsters from a still grateful user got more than 126 thousand rubles. But when it came time to fill the pockets with millions, brokers stopped contacting. A criminal case under part 4 of art. 209 (especially large-scale fraud) of the Criminal Code.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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