Facebook moderators will receive $52 million compensation

Facebook has reached an agreement whereby former and current moderators checking social media content will receive at least $1,000 payouts. Those moderators who have developed PTSD due to their professional activities will be eligible for money. This is a severe mental state, which is based on a traumatic event – a single or recurring one. Payments are also due to moderators with similar disorders.

The agreement covers 11,250 moderators, and lawyers believe that half of this number will be able to get money because of their depression, addictions and so on.

how resembles The Verge, a former Facebook moderator, sued the company in 2018 because of a post-traumatic stress disorder diagnosed in it. The development of PTSD was triggered by regular viewing of content with rape, homicide and suicide. PTSD in Selena Skol was diagnosed after nine months of work as a moderator.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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