Do you want to always work from home? Chronicle of Coronavirus May 13

The United States again threatens China, it is dangerous to smoke, prices fall and this worries the authorities of some countries, and in some places employees will always be allowed to work from home. As usual, every day is wonderful news. In total, according to data on the morning of May 13, more than 4.3 million cases of coronavirus were detected in the world (+85 716 per day). 293 thousand people died (+5567), and the number of recovered exceeded 1.6 million (+74 996).

Coronavirus statistics in the world:

Cases of infection Of death Recovered
USA 1 408 636 (+22 802) 83 425 (+1630) 296 746
Spain 269 ​​520 (+1377) 26 920 (+176) 180,470
Russia 232,243 (+10,899) 2116 (+107) 43 512
United Kingdom 226 463 (+3403) 32 692 (+627) there is no data
Italy 221 216 (+1402) 30 911 (+172) 109,039

Belarus and neighbors

Cases of infection Of death Recovered
Poland 16 921 (+595) 839 (+28) 6131
Lithuania 1491 (+6) fifty 850
Latvia 950 (+4) eighteen 627
Russia 232,243 (+10,899) 2116 (+107) 43 512
Ukraine 16,023 (+375) 425 (+17) 3373
Belarus 24 873 (+967) 142 (+7) 6974

9:30 a.m.

Work from home forever

Let’s start with the good news. Twitter management allowed its employees to work from home always, even after the pandemic. Of course, if desired by the employees themselves. And so, of course, everyone who wants to will be able to return to the offices. True, this will most likely not happen before September.

Twitter employees have switched to remote work since early March. Would you like to always work from home?


Smokers are in danger! Take care of them

And this is not very good news for smokers, even if we are talking about electronic cigarettes. According to a new study, these guys and girls are much more likely to transfer COVID-19 with complications than those who don’t put anything in their mouths.

Experts analyzed a lot of reports from different countries and calculated that 30% of smokers COVID-19 is severe. In non-smokers, the corresponding figure is 17.6%. The blame for the damage to the upper respiratory tract and overall decrease in immunity in smokers.

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