Asian countries are talking about the second wave of the pandemic. Chronicle of Coronavirus May 11

As of Monday morning, there are already more than 4 million and 180 thousand cases of COVID-19 in the world. By the number of infections, it is still by a wide margin leading USA. Spain comes next, but then there are changes – the UK is ahead of Italy. We continue to conduct online the main events of the world related to the coronavirus. 

Cases of infection Of death Recovered
USA 1,367,638 80 787 256 336
Spain 264 663 26,621 176,439
United Kingdom 219 183 31 855 there is no data
Italy 219,070 30,560 105 186
Russia 209 688 1915 34 306

Belarus and neighbors

Cases of infection Of death  Recovered
Poland 15,996 800 5698
Lithuania 1479 fifty 828
Latvia 939 eighteen 464
Russia 209 688 915 34 306
Ukraine 15 232 391 3060
Belarus 22 973 131 6406

9:30 a.m.

In Asia, new cases

In the city of Wuhan, from which, presumably, the spread of the disease began, five new cases were recorded. This is an alarming signal, because it was believed that Wuhan has survived the epidemic and is returning to normal. It is known that all five cases are not imported.

New cases have also been reported in Seoul. In South Korea, they were already planning to gradually quarantine, but fresh cases of COVID-19 were forced to delay the removal of the lockdown.


One of the oldest airlines in the world went bankrupt

Colombian airline Avianca filed for bankruptcy due to crisis caused by coronavirus. Avianca was the second oldest airline in the world operating today (the first is considered the Netherlands KLM). It was founded in 1919. There are about a hundred liners in the airline fleet.

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