US Air Force will test the ability to transmit solar energy through microwaves to Earth

In mid-May, the US Air Force X-37B experimental ship will be launched for the sixth time into orbit around the Earth. Usually military stingy to describe the mission of this drone, but this time shared the experiments that will be performed in orbit. “During this important mission, more experiments will be conducted, including two NASA experiments, than for any previous X-37B flight,”it says in a message from the US Air Force.

During the flight, the effect of cosmic radiation on seeds will be studied, as well as the reaction of “certain important materials” to space conditions.

The third experiment was developed by the Naval Research Laboratory. In its course, there will be a conversion of solar energy into radio frequency microwave energy. And then the transmission of this energy to Earth will be studied.

In 1941, science fiction writer Isaac Asimov wrote a story that featured a space station transmitting energy from the Sun via microwaves to the planet. The concept of energy transfer from orbit to Earth using lasers and microwave was developed later.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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