If God Can Stop This Pandemic Why Doesn’t He?

The current state of our world is uneasy at best. It seems each one of us is choosing to handle the COVID-19 crisis differently. We see memes popping up all over social media making light of a dire situation. Friends and family in medical professions work on the front lines of this pandemic every day. Parents isolate with their children, seeking protection from exposure. Others are going about things flippantly as if there isn’t any actual threat to human life. And some are just hoarding toilet paper. Yet, the theme I continue to hear is the feeling of helplessness. Collectively we seem uncertain of where to even turn. Society at large has lost a perceived sense of control, and the realities of death and grief seem to be staring everyone in the face.

But in the midst of uncertainty, there is One who is in control. There is One we can turn to. There is One who holds the whole world in His hands. God is sovereignly, graciously, reigning over the world in the midst of fear and panic. He is not threatened by this pandemic, nor is He surprised.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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