Su-27 fighter crashed into the Black Sea

During a planned flight over the Black Sea, the Russian Su-27 fighter disappeared from the screens, informs TASS. According to preliminary data, the plane crashed into the sea last night. According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, rescuers are looking for a pilot.

According to the official note of the department, the fall occurred on March 25 at 20:10 in the Black Sea, 50 km from Feodosia. A minute later, an emergency beacon signal was recorded in the area. An-26 aircraft and a Mi-8 helicopter were sent to the site of the alleged crash.

It is noted that rescuers were faced with difficult weather conditions. Rosmorrechflot reports that there are two vessels in that area, but the weather is difficult: strong wind, 9 degrees on the water, visibility is poor, and “the excitement is decent”. The ship “Volgo-Balt 179” was the first to arrive at the place.


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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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