Could tithing be a barometer of your heart?

God created a very good world. He said so—six times in the first chapter of Genesis—God saw everything He had made and “God saw that it was good.”

But in Chapter 3 everything changed. Adam’s disobedience and Eve’s deception. By listening to the serpent rather than obeying God, sin entered the Father’s perfect world, just like He said it would.

In Chapter 4, we find the first mention of an offering. Cain brought fruit and Abel brought a firstborn lamb from his flock. Abel’s offering was respected but Cain’s was not.

“Why was Abel’s offering respected when Cain’s was not? Because Abel was obedient to give what God revealed. But Cain had no regard for divine instruction, he gave what he wanted.” (Commentary by the MacArthur Study Bible). Cain was angry with God, refused to repent, and rejected God’s opportunity to change his ways. Angry and jealous, he killed his brother and was cursed by God.

Knowing this, what do you think tithing says about your heart?

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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