21 thousand deaths, a third of the world’s population are under restrictions. Chronicle of coronavirus online

Governments of the world continue to introduce restrictive measures that will slow down the spread of coronavirus, approximately a third of the world’s population follows these measures. As of the morning of March 26, the number of victims of coronavirus, the COVID-19 disease and related diseases caused by it amounted to 21.6 thousand. In total, almost 472 thousand infections were registered at that time, almost 115 thousand people recovered.

Five countries for infections look like this:

  • China: 81 727 (yesterday 81 661), 3291 died, 74 173 recovered;
  • Italy: 74 386 (69 176), 7503, 9362;
  • USA: 69,171 (55,243), 1,050, 616;
  • Spain 49 515 (47 610), 3647, 5367;
  • Germany 37 323 (35 353), 206, 3547.

Spain came in second in the number of coronavirus victims, inferior to Italy, but ahead of China.

9:59 a.m.

Australia does not let cruise ships

Australia forbade three cruise liners to land on the west coast. On one of them, Artania, there are 800 passengers, mainly from Germany, seven of them were diagnosed with coronavirus. The ship was advised to continue sailing towards South Africa as soon as possible.

MSC Magnifica has refueled and will continue its journey to the port of Dubai.

Vasco da Gama, carrying 800 Australians, 109 citizens of New Zealand, 33 British and citizens of other countries, is on the docks, but passengers are advised not to let go until further notice. Australia fears a repeat of the script with the Ruby Princess. On March 19, its 2,600 passengers went ashore, 121 confirmed COVID-19.


Japanese do not obey

Yesterday, the governor of Tokyo asked residents to try to reduce the number of contacts and stay at home. However, the Japanese ignored the request, including for the sake of observing blooming cherries.

So much for social distancing. Tokyo residents seem to ignore warnings from their government about a spike in coronavirus cases, packing the Meguro river to view the cherry blossoms on a weekday afternoon.pic.twitter.com/hSnc02JYnz

– Will Ripley (@willripleyCNN) March 26, 2020

In South Korea, it’s better not to quarantine

Entering South Korea, arriving from Europe or the United States, must download the application to the smartphone and follow its recommendations, being in self-isolation. The application will track the location of the user and, if the visitor violates the quarantine, notify the authorities. Such a violation threatens a year in prison or a fine of up to $ 8.1 thousand.


From March 26 to the end of August of this year, the A1 operator launches in Belarus a free basic unlimited Internet at a speed of 512 kbps for subscribers of the company’s most popular tariff plans. Also, access to VOKA video service services (news, television broadcasts and films) for the same period of time becomes free.

Starting Friday, March 27, all airlines are ordered to stop regular and charter flights abroad from Russian airports and in the opposite direction. Only flights connected with the export of Russian citizens to the territory of the Russian Federation are allowed.



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