The collector of iPhone 12 ensured their uninterrupted release

The company Foxconn, which is engaged in the contract assembly of mobile and other equipment, including Apple, was able to provide the necessary number of employees for the release of the future iPhone. Factories will reach full capacity utilization after long “vacations” caused by the spread of coronavirus in China. Now the country is at the stage of overcoming the production crisis.

According to statement Foxconn, seasonal recruitment rates ahead of schedule. Earlier in March, the head of the company’s board of directors announced that the factories were operating at a 50% load.

The company will reach the peak of production volumes, as expected, in July thanks to an order from Apple for the release of the so-called iPhone 12.

Foxconn shares have been losing value over the past period, as investors expect lower demand for electronics in the US and the UK, which are considered the largest markets.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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