Google will skip Chrome 82 and release Chrome 83 right away

Due to the change in the release schedule for Chrome, Google decided to skip Chrome 81, abandon Chrome 82 and “jump” immediately to Chrome 83. Recall that the manufacturer previously temporarily suspended the release of new versions of Chrome and Chrome OS, because the developers are forced to work due to the coronavirus pandemic at home.
Chrome 81 was due to be released on March 17, but the release did not take place, and Chrome 81 remained in beta. Now the director of technical program management at Google, Jason Kersey (Jason Kersey) announced that due to changes in the release schedule, developers will not work on Chrome 82 and will immediately take on Chrome 83. That is, Chrome 81 will remain in beta until it is replaced by a beta version of Chrome 83, Chrome 82 will not will be at all, and Chrome 83 will enter the development phase.

Although Kersey has not mentioned this, Chrome 84 is expected to enter the Canary stage in the next few weeks. As of today, Chrome 82 is still on the developer channel, and Chrome 83 is still on the Canary channel. According to Kersey, this week Google will publish additional information on this issue.

The dates of the next browser releases are not yet specified. If quarantine drags on, it is possible that Google will decide to skip a few more versions of Chrome.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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