Doctors persistently ask not to self-medicate from coronavirus

The other day, Donald Trump said that one of the drugs against malaria can help with COVID-19 and the drug “will change the rules of the game.” About the drug was mentioned in one of the studies published earlier. It dealt with the active ingredient, which can (it can) help in certain conditions in the treatment of a disease caused by coronavirus.

First, self-medication problems occurred in several Nigerians who had an overdose of a malaria drug. However, one American decided to go further by adopting a composition designed to clean aquariums. The fact is that it contains the same active substance (about which Trump spoke), as in the medicine. But it is, in principle, not intended for human intake both inside and in any other form.

30 minutes after admission, a man in his 60s was hospitalized in critical condition and died in a hospital. The American widow later said that he found out about the component on TV. She also took a cleanser dissolved in the drink.

Doctors strongly recommend not to self-medicate in any form. In addition, they consider that with loud statements you need to be careful.


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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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