Why did Nigerians not accept that coronavirus is real and maintain social distancing?

Are you new to Nigerians?

We have an unfortunate attitude of playing with serious matters, even with death.

The average Nigerian is unimaginably disadvantaged and I can honestly say having this playful attitude is the major thing that is keeping us alive.

Yesterday, my friend tapped me on the shoulder when we were in the car “look, Victor look, ” here I am thinking he wants to show me a beautiful Lagos slay Queen, no, not at all, that did happen… He was pointing at a man wearing a mask.

To him, a man wearing a mask to protect himself was a funny thing to see, and unfortunately, that’s how most of us think, including me.

The government had the gods to advise Nigerians to maintain social distance. well, that can work in less populated parts of the country but not in cities like Lagos and the government knows that too.

Did you know that the population of Lagos is so much that even the government doesn’t have an accurate number for it?

But for now, let’s go with the widely believed 21 million people, how do you maintain social distance from 21 million people on a tiny Land? I can’t even throw spittle on major streets without worrying about it dropping on someone.

That apart, the worst you could do to a Nigerian is to lock him down, we are very social and our happiness comes from the number of persons around us.

The average Nigerian is easily bored when left alone.

My take is that, if the government wasn’t too relaxed about this virus from the start, we won’t worry about this 12 cases, although some sources believe the cases in Nigeria are in their hundreds already, only that the government have not been able to identify them and the victims too don’t know that they have it yet.

But, I still believe the government is trying. Especially, some state governors.

There are many who don’t even believe that the virus is in Nigeria. They, even a past president believes that it’s the government way of wanting to defraud Nigerians. Well, this was the exact thinking when Ebola visited Liberia, and before they realised how serious the virus was, thousands were already gone.

There Nigerians; this is no joke, thousands have already died from this virus. Countries like Italy are having their worst time in history because of this virus, and Italy is a place where things work, the virus is easier to spread and harder to contain here, all we need do now is to be very conscious of our health by following the safety guidelines.

I understand how religious we are, we would try to combat this coronavirus with fasting and prayer, but just before you embark on that journey, just stay safe, first.

No excuses:D

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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