The photo showed people who became part of the “coronavirus problem”

Some people have become part of what can be termed the “coronavirus problem.” Viral infections are not new, and with due regard, the situation can be controlled. However, there will always be individuals who “heat up” the problem, making it even a little more intolerable.

In the current collection of photos just such characters, as well as a reflection of the attitude of people who have become hostages of not always adequate behavior of fellow citizens. For some, it remains a mystery: why buy toilet paper with pallets. It’s simple: some see this as a way to make money. And others succumbed to hysteria and are sure that it is these treasured rolls that will save them from any illnesses.

The same goes for products that stock up for the future, without thinking that they will deteriorate much faster than the time comes to eat them.

Of course, not all such egoists. And there is confirmation too. They say that “good deeds cannot be glorified”, butthis is not true.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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