The first death of a patient with coronavirus in Lithuania. Pandemic online

And again, you have to start the day with disturbing news. As of the morning of March 21, the number of registered coronavirus infections in the world exceeded 276 thousand people, there were more than 11 thousand dead, cured of the disease – almost 92 thousand. The coronavirus penetrated 185 countries and territories.

The five countries in the number of diagnosed cases of infection in the morning of March 21 looks like this:

  • China – 81,008;
  • Italy – 47,021;
  • Spain – 21 57;
  • USA – 20 193;
  • Germany – 19,848.

Five countries by the number of deaths from coronavirus:

  • Italy – 4032;
  • China – 3255;
  • Iran – 1433;
  • Spain – 1093;
  • France – 450.

In countries bordering Belarus, the situation is as follows:

  • Poland – 425 cases of infection, 5 dead;
  • Russia – 253 cases of infection, 1 dead;
  • Latvia – 111 cases of infection, 0 dead;
  • Lithuania – 69 cases of infection, 1 dead;
  • Ukraine – 41 cases of infection, 3 dead.

9:50 a.m.

Belarusian Sergey Baranov and his family travel to the homeland from the US with three transfers and publish photos of uninhabited airports in Europe. So, for example, the airport in Amsterdam looks like:

View this Instagram postPublication by Sergey Baranov (@bsvka) Mar 20, 2020 at 8:01 PDT

“There is nothing to do so much that I decided to walk around and take a picture of what the once-very busy airport looks like. All cafes are closed, almost no food to buy – only cold boutiques from a few open stores, ”Sergey writes.


Why, they don’t play football anywhere else! Almost all European championships were paused after the UEFA videoconference on March 17th. Last Thursday, in connection with the pandemic, the Turkish championship also stopped. Thus, the only league in Europe continuing to hold matches was the championship of Belarus. The games that took place this week are actively discussed at Russian forums, and bookmakers throughout Europe accept bets.

Guys, the whole of Europe is looking at you, don’t face the dirt.

The Belarusian Premier League is back! Where else would you see this sort of entertainment …

– Seb Sternik (@seb_sternik) March 19, 2020

8:30 a.m.

The first death of a coronavirus patient in Lithuania

Last night in Lithuania, six new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed, one of which was discovered after the death of the patient. According to, this is an elderly person with chronic diseases who was treated at the Ukmerge hospital.

According to the latest data, in Lithuania coronavirus was diagnosed in 69 people.

8 a.m.

Italy reports 627 deaths per day

Italy remains the leader in the number of new cases of coronavirus infection. There, over the course of the day, 5986 patients were diagnosed, 627 people died. In the USA – plus 5594 cases and 49 deaths. In Germany – 4528 new cases and 24 deaths. In Spain – 3494 new cases and 262 deaths.


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