DOOM Eternal came out. Players praised the new part of the shooter

Tonight in Minsk time, the release of the new part of DOOM with the subtitle Eternal took place. The main character is now acting on earth, where hordes of demons have accumulated. The game at the start is highly rated by gamers. A little earlier, critics praised her after the embargo on reviews was lifted.

Apparently, the developers from id Software managed to satisfy both camps (gamers and critics), which recently diverged in assessments on various issues.

So on Metacritic the average DOOM Eternal score is 90 points based on 27 reviews of the PC version, 88 points from critics who played on the PS4, and 90 points from the community of gaming journalists with the Xbox One .

As for ordinary players, they published about one and a half thousand Steam DOOM Eternal reviews. 86% of them are positive. It is described as a “gameplay hurricane”, it is noted for its powerful soundtrack and high complexity.


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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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