Basics for believers

1. Continue With The Lord

When Barnabas came to Antioch, where many had recently been converted, he encouraged them “that with purpose of heart they should continue with the Lord” (Acts 11:23 NKJV). This is what the Christian is to do – continue with the Lord with purpose of heart. Christ is sufficient for all He would have you to do or to be.
2. Be Filled With Christ
A divided heart is the ruin of Christians. When we are after what is not from Christ, we are away from our source of strength. When the soul is filled with Christ through meditating on the Scriptures, we have no heart for the world’s trash. If Christ is dwelling in our heart by faith, we will not ask, “What harm is there in this?” But rather,
“Can my Lord go along with me in this?”
3. Turn Away From The Flesh
Sin no longer remains upon you – God has blotted out your sins. But the flesh is in you to the end. The old stock will put forth its buds, which must be nipped off as soon as they appear, if we would not reap its bitter fruits. No good
fruits can come from sin. It is only the new nature that bears fruit for God. Though the flesh is in you, do not think of this, but think of Christ, and seek His grace to turn away from the flesh.

4. Guard Your Heart
Do not let the world get into your heart and distract your thoughts. The world tries to attract you with its deceitful smiles and promises it cannot keep. But the world cannot satisfy or fill your heart; only Christ can. He fills all heaven
with joy, and will fill your heart to overflowing. Cling to the Lord with purpose of heart. If you have been getting away from God and the things of this world have formed a crust over your heart, God will have you deal with this crust in judgment of self before you can get back the joy and return to Him. Remember, Christ bought you with
His blood, that you should be His, not the world’s.
5. Trust In God’s Grace And Love
Do not let Satan get between you and God’s grace. No matter how far away you get from God, count on His love to bring you back to Him. His joy is to see you back again. Look at sin with horror, but never wrong Him by distrusting His love or His grace. He has loved you, loves you now, and will love you forever.
6. Walk And Talk With Christ
Walk and talk with your Savior as with a close friend. Learn His way for you by reading His Word daily. In this way He will communicate with you and direct your walk. Never be satisfied with anything less than intimate conversation with Him who has loved you and washed away your sins by His blood. Think of what He has suffered upon the cross, to make you His own!
7. Experience Deeper Joy
As you grow in the knowledge of Christ, a joy deeper than the first joy of salvation comes. I have known Christ for some forty years, and can truly say I have a thousand times more joy in Him now than I first had. It is a deeper, calmer joy. The rushing water is beautiful to look at, and makes the most noise, but the water in the plain
is deeper, calmer, and more useful.


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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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