Coronavirus online. The number of people infected in the world exceeded 145 thousand. Poland and Ukraine close their borders completely, Russia partially

So what do we have on Saturday? According to WHO data for this morning, 145 902 cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded in the world. Compared to Friday, the growth was 11,084. At the same time, 72 553 people (+2158) recovered, and 5438 died (+454 deaths). At the moment, 6082 people are in critical condition. We continue to follow the news of the coronavirus pandemic in the world. 

How many infected and in which countries?

Recall, WHO said that the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic has moved to Italy. In China, there are now only 12,069 infected out of the recorded 80,824 people. Meanwhile, in Italy, 14,955 people out of 17,660 recorded cases continue to be ill. In total, coronavirus was found in 142 countries of the world.

So, according to the latest data, the situation looks like this (total number of recorded cases).

  • Italy. 17 660 cases, 1266 were lost.
  • Iran. 11 364, 514 were lost.
  • South Korea. 8086, 82 were killed.
  • Spain. 5232, killing 133.
  • Germany. 3675, 8 were killed.
  • France. 3661, 79 were killed.
  • USA. 2329, 50 were killed.
  • Czech. 150, no deaths.
  • Poland. 84, 2 were killed.
  • Lithuania – 7.
  • Latvia – 17.
  • Belarus – 27.
  • Russia – 47.
  • Ukraine – 3.

9 a.m.

In Russia, two more new cases of coronavirus have been identified. Against this background, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin today amended the decree on measures to combat the spread of coronavirus. He approved a free schedule of visits to capital schools from Monday. To let children go to school or not, parents will decide. Educational institutions, meanwhile, will have to provide distance education for children who remain at home.


Late last night it became known that Poland was closing its borders to foreigners on the night of March 14-15. First, this regime will be introduced for 10 days with the possibility of extension for 20 days, and then for a month. “All citizens returning to the country will be sent to quarantine for 14 days,” said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Moravecki.

Also at this time, the work of shopping centers will be limited. Moravecki assured that the borders will remain open for the flow of goods, and therefore people do not need to make large stocks.

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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