Go and sin No More

…”And Jesus said to her… GO AND SIN NO MORE” John 8:11

“GO” here means” I have forgiven you, It is your past I have overlooked it, and you are free “SIN NO MORE” means Do not further the sinful act. No matter what you are deriving from it, do not go back because if you do, it has great consequence.

For Jesus to make this statement “GO AND SIN NO MORE”, He is trying to emphasize the consequences of going back to sin.

We might have wronged God in the past through our indulgence in one form of sin or the other. Some may still be in it up till this moment; but the loving God is showing His Kindness to you today saying “GO AND SIN NO MORE” as He warned the woman caught adultery John 8:3-11.

God also warned Cain against the attitude he puts on as a result of God rejecting his offering Gen 4:6-7.

God emphasized it that if Cain is not careful, he will fall into greater sin.

“SIN lies at the door, and it’s desire is for you, but you should rule over it” Cain rejected God’s warning; He permitted sin which resulted to the killing of his brother Abel with his own hand.

When God warns or He is given a continuous warning to a person, group of people or a nation. It means that the concerned” has a great glory to manifest and God is after their restoration.

Dangers of Sin

  1. It retrogress people life-instead of progressing in all goodness (Judas)
  2. It hiders God’s relationship with man. Rom 6:13.
  3. It cuts one’s life short. Many who get back to sin have their life-span shortened Rom 6:23, 1Cor. 15:56.
  4. It hinders the promise of God and His glory from manifesting.
  5. Going back to sin affect other people’s life negatively. The co-opetrator as well as others who would have saved through such persons 1 Cor 8:12
  6. It leads to labour loss Eccl 2:26

To be free totally from sin, the only antidote is to possess the spirit of GOD which can only be obtain freely by the acceptance of the Lordship of Jesus Christ as one’s personal Lord and Saviour.

God call all to repentance 2Peter 3:9

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Author: Joseph Oladokun

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